Doug McCullough on The McCuistion Program

Doug McCullough joined Dennis McCuistion on The McCuistion Program for a discussion about Trade Wars: NAFTA and Beyond.   The episode premiered on October 14, 2018 on the PBS channel and is available for viewing here.

NAFTA Without Canada a Bum Deal for Texas

SAN ANTONIO EXPRESS – AUGUST 31, 2018 Scuttling free trade with Canada would have a disproportionate impact on Texas. Texas is the nation’s top exporter and has a trade surplus with Canada. Texas exports about $22.8 billion of goods annually to Canada, its second-largest trade partner. The elimination of a free trade agreement with Canada

Trademark 101: Protecting Your Brand

Whether your company is in its infancy formation stages or already has comprehensive branding, protecting its name and image is essential for growth and protection.  Registering a trademark for your brand with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) gives you the exclusive right to use your business name nationwide in connection with the

Takeaways from the Congressional Examination of ICO’s and Cryptocurrency Markets

The Committee of Financial Services met with Congress this week to examine the economic efficiencies of Cryptocurrency and ICO Markets. From these discussions, Congress will be tasked with balancing the needs of investor protection, efficient markets, and technological innovation as they propose new regulations to guard this new area of capital formation.  As Congress determines